Beautifully simple
home security

Why choose Novi?

Know what's going on

Real-time picture notifications and on-site siren empower you to take action with confidence

Notice the important things

Motion and smoke detection allows you to stay aware of what's happening with the important activities in your home.

Free to live your life

Portable design and no contracts gives you freedom to go as you please.

Peace of mind doesn't have to be expensive

Protect your home permanently for the same price as the installation cost of traditional security.

Simplicity is our favorite word

Novi was built to be as intuitive as breathing. Once it's installed you can get back to your life knowing that Novi has you covered.

What if I don't have my phone?

We've got you covered.

If you do not respond to the siren and the system can't reach you,
it will begin alerting your pre-determined emergency contacts.

What about when I move?

Not a problem.

Because it's battery powered, you can place Novi on any level part of your ceiling:
never be held captive by your outlet again.

What people are saying

"While there are several DIY security systems that offer great features and incredible design, the Novi presents an intriguing, pared down might just end up being the smartest."

"You can check exactly what's going on, no matter where you are."

"So if you had the option between [traditional security] and a straightforward security system that's easy to install, without fees or contracts, which would you choose?"